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Welcome to Laurich Dentistry, general dentists in Livonia, Michigan. Established for over 35 years, Laurich Dentistry is a dedicated, patient-focused practice that serves the metro Detroit area. Located on Middlebelt Road and 7 mile, Laurich Dentistry offers a tradition of excellent dental care as well as extended hours.

We are focused on educating our patients about optimal dental health care. The office is equipped with the latest in technology to assist the Laurich Dentistry team as well as communicate about proper dental care with our patients. When you arrive at Laurich Dentistry, you will be greeted by our highly trained and experienced team, some of whom have been with Laurich Dentistry for over 20 years.

Our extensive list of services allows patients to stay in-house for their dental needs. Drs. Laurich are dedicated to their craft, and take extensive continuing education classes to obtain multiple accreditations, striving to become the best general dentists in Livonia. Call us to start improving your dental health today.

Doctors at Livonia

Livonia Office


18618 Middlebelt Rd, Ste 105
Livonia, MI 48152

Phone: (248) 579-0618
Fax: (248) 476-6727

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